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GRAN CUCINA – Béchamel

Vegetable based béchamel with sunflower oil

Gran Cucina Bechamel, with its velvety texture ,  is perfect for enriching first and second courses or for grating vegetables; due to its vegetable base, it is suitable for a light diet, without sacrificing taste.
It is practical and always ready for cooking  something exquisite  with the guarantee of a savoury and delicate result.

Available in the 200 gr and 500 gr packs

Gran Cucina Besciamella

Store at room temperature (max 20° C). Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 3-4 days.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (valori medi per 100 mg)
ENERGY kj-kcal 514-123
Total FAT 7,6 g
Of which saturated FAT 0,8 g
Sugar 3,76 g
Proteins 2,92 g
Salt 0,86 g